Agata Wolniewicz

Painter / Visual Artist / Graphic


Solo Exhibition
Gallery VA, Poznań
Vernissage: 14/05/2022 Exhibition Duration: 14/05/2022 - 25/06/2022
The heroine of the May exhibition, Agata Wolniewicz, despite her wide interests within the realm of visual arts, reserves the largest area for painting, in the center of which stands the human being and their physical and emotional-spiritual dimension. She is a painter of the young generation who crafts her painterly narrative by portraying humans as a phenomenon of the symbiosis between spirit and matter. Her technological expertise and visual accuracy contribute to images as beautiful and captivating entities. Through this fact, Wolniewicz aligns herself with the fundamental current of artistic thought, in which, through the artist's self-respect and respect for the other person — by discussing good and evil — she facilitates the audience's comprehension through affirmation. This essential and presently scarce artistic activity makes it easier to surpass human limitations and seek one's own objectively existing yet subjectively experienced spiritual identity.
Regarding her work, the artist herself says: „I am a person whose genetic makeup holds a creative energy. Although almost everything within the realm of visual arts 'sparks' my interest, painting takes the lead. Precision and attention to every detail result in my creativity being rather realistic, but occasionally infused with a touch of surrealism. In my seemingly static images, frozen in moments and gestures, a huge emotional charge awaits discovery.”