Agata Wolniewicz

Painter / Visual Artist / Graphic

Look at us - an exhibition of works by employees of the Faculty of Visual Arts at the Academy of Art in Szczecin

Group Exhibition
Museum of Technology and Communication in Szczecin
Vernissage: 16/06/2018 Exhibition Duration: 16/06/2018 – 30/07/2018 Exhibition Curators: Sara Carrillo, Justyna Machnicka, Dorota Tołłoczko-Femerling, Katarzyna Utecht
The exhibition showcased works by employees from four departments within the Faculty of Visual Arts at the Academy of Art in Szczecin: Department of Interior Architecture and Utility Form, Department of Artistic Graphics, Department of Interdisciplinary Graphics, and Department of Graphic Design.
Throughout the exhibition, a diverse range of art and design projects was on display, including videos, sculptural objects, paintings, private and public interior architecture, furniture and lamp prototypes, spatial forms, posters, photography, digital graphics and artistic graphics.