Agata Wolniewicz

Painter / Visual Artist / Graphic

Venetian Mirror

Solo Exhibition
R+ Gallery, Academy of Art in Szczecin
Vernissage: 02/09/2015 Exhibition Duration: 02/09/2015 – 23/09/2015 Exhibition Curator: Małgorzata Kopczyńska
Venetian Mirror - Exhibition Vernissage by Agata Wolniewicz
Agata Wolniewicz's works introduce us to an alternative world, seemingly quite similar to the one we believe we know. However, the dichotomy of these realities is perceptible; we feel it more when looking at Agata's works than we notice the differences. Without overt surrealism, through very sensitive gestures, the young artist leads us to the other side of the mirror or shows us separate entities through Venetian glass. Bodies immersed in self-reflection, sometimes bordering on narcissistic self-contemplation, and at times innocent like Susanna from the biblical parable, even when observed by us viewers.
Agata Wolniewicz, a graduate of the second-degree studies at the Faculty of Visual Arts, in the Department of Graphic Design. She obtained her diploma in 2012 under the guidance of Prof. Grzegorz Marszałek.
She is engaged in graphic design and painting. In the exhibition, we will have the opportunity to see a representation of both of these disciplines, which, despite their technical differences, share a common feature in Agata's work.