Agata Wolniewicz

Painter / Visual Artist / Graphic

Hidden Exhibition

Gallery Sorry, I'm Creating Myself
Vernissage: 02/10/2022 Exhibition Duration: 02/10/2022 - 25/06/2023 Exhibition Curator: Paulina Ratajczak
„HIDDEN EXHIBITION” is an invitation to play and contemplate. Through exploration and mindfulness, children and youth will discover the world of art, along with concepts such as minimalism, white in art, camouflage, hidden messages, the gallery as a space igniting the mind, evoking emotions, and inspiring. Together with invited artists, we have created an exhibition that will awaken curiosity, encourage exploration and discoveries, following the motto: „Curiosity - the first step to development.”
This time, „I'M CREATING MYSELF” has become a typical „white cube” gallery, which might surprise regular gallery-goers accustomed to elaborate scenography. Using modest means and minimalist form, we invited children and youth to discover contemporary art, that which is „invisible to the eyes”, to mindfulness, noticing details, and discovering their own path of impressions.
-But what if a sign saying „unauthorized entry prohibited” appears on this path? What do such places hide? Does anyone live in them? Perhaps it's worth putting an ear to the wall sometimes...
„HIDDEN EXHIBITION” is also a pretext to discuss important matters: hidden histories, sweeping things under the rug, shame, exclusion, intolerance, self-discovery, and donning masks.